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Your Leadership Brain Profile will give you an insight into your leadership style, issues that are important to you (but maybe not to your employees or colleagues) and even where there could be room for improvement!

Developing better relationships, making more dynamic contributions in the workplace and making sound and relevant decisions are but a few of the advantages of understanding your own thinking profile.

Because the focus is on thinking preferences the end result is neither good nor bad. The Leadership Profile is a descriptive, objective analysis of the individual's thinking choices, with no profile being better or worse than another. Instead, the report gives a description of an individual's thought preferences, and makes recommendations based on those.

The Leadership Profile measures thinking preferences, and not the skills or abilities necessary to execute those preferences. It is therefore possible that an individual could have a very strong preference for order, planning and organisation, but has never had the opportunity to develop the skills to plan and organise. The recommendation in this instance would be that since the desire is there, the skills to support that desire should be developed in order to be effective in a given career.

Duration: 15-25 minutes
Price: £ 15.00 GBP

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