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NBI® Young Child Indicator

This indicator measures preferences. It is very important that you, as teacher and parent, should understand that your thinking preferences and those of your child will determine amongst other things how you make decisions, communicate, educate, form relationships and eventually, how you live your life. Insight and knowledge regarding your brain profile and that of your child will:

  • Give your child the ultimate edge in coping with his/her world.
  • Give you unique insight into your child’s thinking preferences.
  • Understand why one child differs from the other.
  • Enable you to create an ideal environment for your child.
  • Apply whole brain creativity.
  • Know why one child communicates, plays and learns differently from the other.
  • Fill the gaps at an early age.
  • Make you the whole brain parent/teacher you always wanted to be.
Duration: 15-25 minutes
Price: £ 6.00 GBP

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